Our Team

President                                                                                         Ben Saxton

Executive Director                                                                        Jodi McIntosh

Ben Saxton, a 2016 Rio Olympian, was born and raised in Calgary, AB, but now resides in Vancouver, BC when not training in California and playing on the FIVB World Tour.  Volleyball has been a prominent part of his whole life.  He has experienced every stage of the development of a successful beach volleyball player and program. As a member of Canadian National Beach Volleyball Team since 2008, he saw the team at that time not qualify a single Beach Volleyball team to the 2008 London Olympics.  But, he also got to be a part of the team Canada qualified the maximum of 4 teams to the 2016 Rio Olympics.


Ben has first-hand experience of the hardship for beach volleyball athletes from the western provinces of Canada who desire to reach a high-level of international success . With no full-time training centers near home, and a lack of exposure or access to the highest levels of competition or coaching, only those athletes with strong supportive backing are able to make the jump from domestic to international competition.


It is for those reasons that Ben wants to be a catalyst and mentor for future generations of Western Canadian beach volleyball athletes so they can envision a path and a future in the sport.  Overall, he wants to see the sport grow in general in Western Canada.  As someone who has seen and played the sport at every level, Ben will provide support, mentorship, and inspiration to the whole beach volleyball community, and co-founded West Coast Beach Volleyball Society as a means to do so. 


Ben has aspirations to represent Canada internationally for many years to come, and seeks to accomplish much more as an athlete on the world stage. Ideally by the time he has finished playing, there will have been somewhere in Western Canada where he could train at an elite level.  He would also like to see an international beach volleyball event be hosted in Western Canadian and have the chance to compete in front of friends, family and supporters.  there will also be a new era of Western Canadian Beach Volleyball Players whom he can compete against that will eventually take over for him in Canadian Beach Volleyball Performance.

You can follow Ben on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.  (psst ... he is rumored to have a pretty respected Twitter game!)  


Ben Saxton